DARKSTAR Official Run Thread 2020


jedipadawanmelissa: next month is my birthday month :) so excited, also sorry for the wait but good news is I'm ok been taking a breath break alittle bit as well as practicing with my sabers Apr 12, 2021 12:13:29 GMT -5
vargose: My Redemption crossguard saber is now up for sale therebelarmory.com/thread/12975/custom-crossgruard-sale Apr 12, 2021 15:44:10 GMT -5
vargose: I will then be on a hiatus, but I am excited as to what I have planned next Apr 12, 2021 15:45:10 GMT -5
vargose: Who would be willing to reveal some chasis reveal secrests. I'm always amazed by folks like and wonder how its all done Apr 12, 2021 15:47:14 GMT -5
greenie: Think smaller. Build a chassis within a chassis :) Apr 12, 2021 18:01:17 GMT -5
ARKM: Happy Birthday ! Apr 13, 2021 2:06:02 GMT -5
Wildcard: ^ Thank you !!! Apr 13, 2021 8:41:56 GMT -5
vargose: I think I am following. Generally my sabers only have 1.125 ID to work with. I think I am going to have to go wider. Unless the rear section is not part of the reveal, because I'm not sure I can get an 18650 and a soundboard into 1 inch ID. Apr 13, 2021 10:15:41 GMT -5
greenie: Vargose, that was a bit of an over simplification. I generally have to separate the board from the battery. No room to ride on top. Apr 13, 2021 11:40:05 GMT -5
greenie: Consider positioning components different to the standard chassis layout. Hide an 18650 inside 3/4" tube Apr 13, 2021 13:00:53 GMT -5
greenie: No. Scratch that. It needs to be 1" :-X Apr 13, 2021 13:04:32 GMT -5
vargose: how do you fit your board, battery, and crystal chamber, and still have room for resonance and a deep bladed socket without stacking? Apr 14, 2021 9:32:28 GMT -5
greenie: The front/top of my CCs are usually the bottom of the heatsink. I bring my wiring in at an angle and through the centre of the LED star. Mount the board directly behind the speaker and add vents where possible. Apr 14, 2021 15:01:19 GMT -5
greenie: i may lose a bit of resonance but that's a trade off I can live with. The right/best speaker makes the difference though. Apr 14, 2021 15:03:14 GMT -5
greenie: My removable chassis wil fit into a blade holder the same as a standard heatsink module does. So it does not affect the blade socket depth. Apr 14, 2021 15:56:04 GMT -5
greenie: For my first reveal saber I made a half crystal chamber with the board mounted under it. The size of the CC is whatever room I can spare after all components are positioned. My chassis are usually around 9" to 91/2". Apr 14, 2021 16:29:14 GMT -5
vargose: excellent guidance thank you. I think I am catching on. Its informing what I am seeing in your pictures Apr 14, 2021 23:03:16 GMT -5
vargose: the next big mystery is how you make your switches. I gather that there are "plungers" on the shroud and in the chasis. Do you make those with a lathe? How do you keep it attached to the main shroud? Apr 15, 2021 9:24:46 GMT -5 *
greenie: vargose. PM'd Apr 15, 2021 16:19:43 GMT -5
greenie: Sorry for clogging up the chat box ::) Apr 15, 2021 16:20:59 GMT -5